My name’s Lydia and welcome to The New Chef.

The New Chef is all about creating simple, authentic recipes that are totally worth your time and effort.

Moved out recently and just figuring out what cooking is? This blog is here for that. Want to make your dishes a little more fancy but feel limited with a tight budget? This blog is here for that. Always wondered if something you made yourself will taste better but too scared to try? This blog is here for that too.

This blog will teach you fundamental techniques, as well as a few tips and tricks to make you into a competent, confident cook. Hopefully, I’ll learn a few things along the way too.

What kind of things can you expect from this blog? Excellent question.

  • Cheat’s Eats — these are recipes that so easy and cheap, you’ll feel like you’re cheating the system.
  • Vegetarian Recipes — I love my alternative sources of protein and you will too.
  • Party Pleasers — Got a potluck or a feast coming up? Look no further.
  • When It’s Worth It — Making something from scratch might feel like a drag, but I’ll show you when it really is worth it.


Let’s be bold, be brave, be unafraid, because we’re gonna eat like royalty, no matter what the budget or skill set.